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21927Re: [XTalk] XTalkers on the tomb

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  • Zeba Crook
    Mar 2 6:38 AM
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      I tried to post this on Mark's Blog, but it didn't seem to believe I
      was accurately typing in the correct "magic" letters, so I'll post a
      comment here.

      Mark, you mention there is no record in reliable sources of Jesus
      having children, but it bears pointing out that Tabor's case would be
      helped (at least a little) if there were at least some evidence even in
      unreliable sources. That *no* single group among the various early
      Jesus followers ever claimed to be associated with "The Son of the Son
      of God" is a very important lacunae in the historical record. All
      sorts of followers of Jesus believed all sorts of wacky things, and
      they based their authority on all manner of characters associated with
      the Jesus story. Had Jesus a wife and son, surely it is not too much
      to ask that there would have been someone trying to use that to give
      themselves authority, and others fighting them on that. It becomes the
      sort of conspiracy theory SO chillingly true that not a shred of
      evidence survived to support it (the less evidence there is, the truer
      the hypothesis because it must have been utterly suppressed).

      Now, what I'm hoping to see in this debate is some non-partisan
      discussion. I'm going to get bored fairly quickly if the most strident
      voices against the documentary are the usual
      "of-course-they're-opposed-to-the-idea" suspects: NT Wright, Evans,
      Witherington, Johnson (and there are others on this list). And I'll
      equally bored if the only people defending the data are skeptics of
      religion (and there are many here and in other places). So let me
      start that process: I don't believe for a second that Jesus was
      resurrected from the dead, but I have a problem with the notion that he
      was married with children and yet the idea never appears, as hearsay,
      as polemic, or as apology, in any ancient source, apocryphal or



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      Carleton University
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