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21823Images of Water Jar as in Cana Story

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  • Joseph Weaks
    Jan 29, 2007
      Regarding the Wedding in Cana, story. Any thoughts on purification
      rite water jars that held the water/wine? Was there a standard jar
      Can anyone point me to online pics of potential similar jars? I'm not
      finding images of ones this big.

      John 2.6 hsan de ekei liqinai udriai ex kata ton kaqarismon twn
      Ioudai wn keimenai, cwrousai ana metrhta duo h treiƟ.

      Joe Weaks

      Rev. Joseph A. Weaks
      Minister, Raytown Christian Church
      Raytown, MO
      Ph.D. Cand., Brite Divinity School
      TCU, Ft. Worth, TX

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