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21573Re: [XTalk] Chilton on Carlson & Secret Mark

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  • Bob Schacht
    Nov 1, 2006
      At 09:21 AM 11/1/2006, Mike Grondin wrote:

      >--- Jack Kilmon wrote:
      > > The line quality of a hurried hand is good.
      > > Quality diminishes the slower the hand.

      Do you have evidence for this, or is it just your experienced opinion?
      It seems like an unlikely over-generalization to me. When writing fast,
      isn't there a tendency to do fine on the straightaways, but then tend to
      overshoot the hard turns? Or by "line quality" are you only talking about
      the "straightaways"?

      >STM this is only the case if there is a natural hand
      >tremor due to age or infirmity. Such a tremor would
      >probably result in small jags if writing too slowly.

      True, the straightaways will get more ragged if drawn too slowly.
      Seems to me *confidence* would be a bigger factor.

      >Not having that problem, however, I find the opposite
      >to be true, viz. that the more quickly I write, the
      >lower the quality.
      >Mike Grondin

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