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21469Re: [XTalk] Praised woman in Mark

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    Aug 28, 2006
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      sdavies0 wrote:

      > Hi folks
      > How y'all? I hope you're doing fine. I've got a question. It has been
      > observed that in Mark the praised woman who anoints Jesus before his
      > burial, evidently knowing that he won't be there for the anointments at
      > the usual time, J having gone off to Galilee in the meanwhile, knows
      > that Jesus is going to die and rise again. Hallelulia for her. She is
      > to be contrasted to the women who followed J from Galilee and who,
      > clueless, go to anoint the body only to discover it missing. This is
      > taken to be a final attack on Jesus' accompanists, specifically the
      > women among them, who thus far have seemed to be doing right as opposed
      > to the fellas. Now, I thought I got that notion from Ted Weeden's book,
      > but recent of his letters indicate that that's not so. Did I get the
      > idea from Crossan? Did I make it up myself? Can anybody recall
      > instances of somebody discussing such a notion?

      Yes, it's from Crossan. I believe it appears in his _Jesus: A Revolutionary
      Biography_. I would be surprised if he had a longer article on the passage in


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