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  • Theodore Weeden
    Jul 11, 2006
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      I am having problems with Outlook Express in formating my post replies,
      making clarity in my replies quite cumbersome and awkward. If someone
      knowledgeable about the interworkings of Outlook Express would help me
      off-list, I would appreciate it.

      Here is my problem: When I click "reply" the text automatically becomes
      html, without any > or >> to distinquish between the original text received
      and my response. Consequently, I have to set off the original message with
      the name of the person, followed by my name preceding my response. I have
      tried to change the default by clicking on "tools," "options" and clicking
      "plain text" with ">" for sending mail and then clicking "apply." But
      everytime I try to reply to a post, it gets formatted as html and and no >
      or >>, etc.

      If anyone can help me, please contact me off-list.


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