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  • John E Staton
    Jun 4, 2006
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      Ken wrote:
      "How so? Couldn't the resemblance be explained just as well on the theory
      that Matthew, or conceivably someone else, composed the Lord's prayer at a
      time when Jewish Xians (my definition of the notoriously ambiguous term is
      available on request) were separating from synagogues and wanted their own
      liturgy? Why does the resemblance suggest an early provenance to you?"

      This is all a matter of interpretation and opinion on both sides, and I
      never suggested otherwise. It would appear to me, however, that the
      closer the contact with Judaism a tradition shows, the more likely it is
      to be early. I know there where conservative Christian Jewish
      communities quite late, but I doubt a tradition originating there would
      have made its way firmly into the mainstream. This is a value judgement,
      of course, but that is all any of us can do because the hard evidence is
      not there.

      Jeffrey, thank you for the portion of your article. I was aware that my
      knowledge of the state of Judaism in the pre-70 period was lacking in
      comprehensiveness, but it would appear there are more questions than
      answers in this whole area of scholarship. I too am no fan of the
      "eschatological" interpretation (in church I refuse to say "save us from
      the time of trial"), and would not use the LP's connection with the
      Kaddish in support of such an argument.

      Best Wishes

      JOHN E
      STATON (BA Sheffield; DipTheol. Bristol)

      Penistone, Sheffield UK