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20551[XTalk] Luigi Cascioli - the fable of Christ

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  • John J. L. Jacobs
    Feb 5, 2006
      Is anyone of the listers familiar with Luigi Cascioli - the fable of Christ. He makes a lot of claims in the European press, because of a trial against a pastor of the Roman Catholic Church in Italy. His website is http://www.luigicascioli.it/home_eng.php

      In brief Cascioli states:
      We have seen how the Zealots were changed into pacifist disciples by transforming their names (the revolutionary Barjona, into son of Jonah, the murderer Iscariot into a native of Kerioth, the zealot Qananite into a resident of Cana etc.). Now we shall discuss the falsifying that the Christians carried out on John to make him become Jesus.
      THE NAME: The name John, replaced with the generic names of Christ (Kristos meaning Anointed) and Lord, was finally changed to Jesus in about the year 180 as shown in a book written by Celsus against the Christians which said: "The one you gave the name Jesus to was really just the head of a band of bandits. The miracles ascribed to him were just manifestations of magic and esoteric tricks. The truth is that all of those premises made are nothing but myths that you yourselves have fabricated without however managing to give your lies any credibility. Everyone knows that what you have written is the result of continual rewriting following criticism that you have received". (quote from http://www.luigicascioli.it/prove2_eng.php ).

      To me, Cascioli's method raises the possibility that is work is pseudoscience, but I am not an expert in the field of theology. So may be one of the X-talkers can comment on this with more scientific background.

      Thank you very much,



      Dr John J. L. Jacobs


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