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19474Re: [XTalk] Paul and James

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  • Frank Jacks
    Aug 20, 2005
      In your response this date to Ron Price's suggested equation of Acts 15
      = Gal. 2 (i.e. Paul's visits to Jerusalem), I find your
      statement most interesting in that you say " ... whereas it is far more
      probably that Galation 2 = Acts 11: 27ff." I am most curious about your
      use of the word "probable" - upon what basis or bases do you consider it
      more "probable"? Perhaps you mean "preferable"? In any event, I do not
      see your giving us any reason for your evident preference. In point of
      fact, your preference entails many complications, to say the least ...
      perhaps even contradictions, as John Knox explored/explained in his
      splendid little book, "Chapters In A Life Of Paul." Instead of my
      attempting to lay out any precis of his excellent presentation I would
      suggest that your might find reading it useful, but in case you have I
      would then appreciate your addressing his arguments rather than
      Wedderburn as Dr. Knox's presentation is one of the classics on this

      Most sincerely,

      Clive F. Jacks, Th.D.
      Professor of Religion, Emeritus
      Pikeville College,
      Pikeville, KY

      (but now happily retired back home in the metro Atlanta area!)

      P.S. To this list's moderators, I have been wondering if it might be
      time to remind those postings opinions that it is most helpful (not to
      mention an important part of this list's protocols) for listers to
      identify themselves other than by just name when posting their comments ...?

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