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19057RE: [XTalk] Font Problem

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  • Rick Hubbard
    Jun 2, 2005
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      John asked:

      I can't read Jeffrey's paper (not the one that he and Karel have been
      discussing recently) at:


      Acrobat tells me that there's a font missing. I was under the impression
      that fonts were embedded in PDF files - no? Can anyone help?

      I can't answer about this particular instance, but I can tell you that not
      all fonts can be embedded in PDF files (or elsewhere, for that matter). The
      font author has the ability to control that feature at the time of
      composition). To illustrate, choose a particular font, (in Win 9x and
      perhaps XP) locate the font in its directory, right click on it, choose
      properties, then choose the embedding tab. This will show you the
      "embeddibility" of that particular font.

      Rick Hubbard
      Humble Maine Woodsman
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