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15961RE: [XTalk] Herod Antipas

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  • Linda & Ernest Pennells
    May 6, 2004
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      His mother was a Samaritan. His father's forebears were Idumaean, and
      opinions differed as to how many generations must pass before the
      descendants of a convert became proper Jews. What does that make Antipas?

      He played second fiddle to Archelaus when it came to divvying up the
      territory. His marriage to a royal niece, who had the audacity to divorce
      his brother before contracting another dubious marriage and insisted she be
      his one and only wife, provoked a war.

      None of this proves him effeminate, but does set him up as the butt of
      caustic humour, and malicious gossip: Drunkenness may have been routine
      for a man educated in Rome. Succumbing to the allures of his young wife's
      even younger daughter. Presenting her with JBap's head on a platter.
      Thinking Jesus might be JBap redivivus. Asking for a stunt miracle at
      Jesus' arraignment. He fell out with Pilate as well as Aretas.

      How does this stack up against the reputation of your regular wannabe
      monarch of the era?


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