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15921Re: [XTalk] Herod Antipas

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  • Jack Kilmon
    May 1, 2004
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      > Jim,
      > It would seem that this is one of the many places where the influence of
      > Anne Catharine Emmerich can be seen in the movie. In chapter 20, "Jesus
      > before Herod" (p.125 in my ed.) Herod is described as "the luxurious and
      > effeminate prince...". So an interesting question arises: what possibly
      > influenced Emmerich in this portrayal?

      Her visions and hallucinations which were written down by Klemens Maria
      Brentano who spent 6 years at the ailing nun's bedside and then published
      them when she died. Dolorous Passion and the other works are probably
      Brentano's editing.

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