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15628Re: [XTalk] Re: Josephus

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  • Mark Goodacre
    Apr 2, 2004
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      On 2 Apr 2004 at 4:46, Dr. Rikk E. Watts (Cantab) wrote:

      > Yes I am relying on Meier CBQ 52 (1990) (cf. Brown). Seeing you are
      > familiar with his work and the authorities he cites, I trust you don't
      > mind if I don't repeat his extensive argument. Perhaps you could tell
      > me why you reject it?

      Although this won't completely answer your question, Ken may be too
      modest to mention his article on the topic of the Testimonium, so I
      will do so:

      Olson, K. A. "Eusebius and the Testimonium Flavium." Catholic
      biblical quarterly 61/2 (1999): 305 - 322

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