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  • Ken Olson
    Apr 1, 2004
      At 4:27 PM on April 1, 2004, Dr. Rikk E. Watts wrote in response to me:

      > Thanks for the question. If you look at the passage in question there are
      > some later Christian interpolations but they do not bear on the issue in
      > question. But by text as stands I was referring to what Josephus seems
      > plainly to say in the non-interpolated and relevant section. Does this
      > help? My apologies if my language was unclear.


      OK; I see you are advocating the partial authenticity of the Testimonium (a
      la Meier et al., I presume), rather than complete authenticity. I take the
      whole thing to be a Eusebian composition. What I wonder, though, is how
      confident you can be that the words "And though, on the accusation of the
      first men among us, he was condemned to the cross by Pilate, those who loved
      him at first did not cease" should be attributed to Josephus? What is it
      about these 17 words (in the Greek) that makes you sure that they're not
      interpolated even though the four words before them and the 20 words after
      them (if you are following, e.g., Meier) are interpolated? And how do you
      know that the so-called interpolations are later than the rest of the text?
      It would seem that the text "as it stands" is a Christian text.

      Best Wishes,


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