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14456Re: Messiah in spite of himself

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  • Ted Weeden
    Dec 18, 2003
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      Dear Listers,

      I had indicated two weeks ago that I would submit my own response to
      responses of others re the thread "Messiah in spite of himself" in an
      article which Jeffrey Gibson has offered to upload to the Xtalk articles
      page. With the demand of other matters, it has taken far longer than I had
      envisioned to complete the article. And with the holidays at hand, it
      looks like I cannot get this article out until after the first of the year.
      I plan in the article not only to deal with matters related to the "Messiah"
      thread but also to incorporate in it issues related to the "4Q521" thread
      and the "Gospel of Mary Magdalene" thread, which I had introduced.

      Happy holidays to you all.

      Ted Weeden
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