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13038Re: [XTalk] Re: Angelic John the Baptist (was "Angels" in Mark 13:27)

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  • Crispin H.T. Fletcher-Louis
    Mar 11, 2003
      Don't know what to do with Lev 11 on Locusts - certainly interesting.

      Manna in the wilderness certainly must be related somehow to the honey JB
      eats. And, yes, this is not incompatible with the angelomorphic interp. of
      the honey given that the Israelites ate the "bread of angels" in the
      wilderness (Ps 78:25, and cf. the use of Ezek 16 for Passover in rabbinic
      On all this there are helpful references in: D. Goodman, "Do Angels Eat?,"
      JJS 37 (1986) 160-70.


      On 11/3/03 1:07 pm, "Horace Jeffery Hodges" <jefferyhodges@...> wrote:

      > Mike inquired about the locusts and wild honey that
      > John the Baptist is reported to have eaten.
      > Wouldn't the initial significance of this be that it
      > recalls the covenant time of the desert wanderings of
      > the Israelites? John the Baptist, after all, calls for
      > covenant renewal, doesn't he?
      > As I recall, the locust was acceptable as a kosher
      > food, unlike other creeping things. Leviticus 11:10
      > (or 10:11?) describes this. (I'm not near a Bible at
      > the moment and cannot check.) Is this exception a
      > significant point?
      > At any rate, a reference to the time of the covenant
      > doesn't exclude angelomorphic aspects, of course.
      > Jeffery Hodges
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