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12315Re: [XTalk] Historical Joseph? (was: Bethlehem, Galilee?)

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  • Gordon Raynal
    Jan 6, 2003
      > In addition to my brief note re. 'son of Mary' in Mark 6,3 being a
      >epithet made by persons hostile to Jesus, I should have added that
      >'tekton' in this verse should be translated as 'templebuilder' because
      >in the Septuagint the word refers almost always to the craftsmen who built
      >the temple. This too was meant as an insult. Jesus' prophecy against a
      >false temple cult also is referred to on 11, 15-18; 13,2, 14,58; 15,29.38.
      > Matthew's version which you choose, appears to be an Matthean
      >attempt to circumvent the crude insinuation in Mark's original version which
      >could easily be misundertood by young or by new members of the ecclesia.


      Thanks for this. Haven't thought about the tekton translation in exactly
      this way.

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