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12227Re: [XTalk] Historical Joseph? (was: Bethlehem, Galilee?)

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  • mwgrondin <mwgrondin@comcast.net>
    Jan 1, 2003
      --- Sakari Häkkinen wrote:
      > D) Because the story of Joseph is a fiction it is not possible to
      reconstruct such a scenario of Jesus's family that the family had
      been Torah-observant Judaeans. At least this scenario cannot be
      based on the figure of the Torah-observant Joseph. (black to the

      The scenario is not based on a Torah-observant Joseph per se, nor on
      any of the birth narratives. Part of the evidence is the names given
      to Jesus and his brothers. This, I think, one cannot deny.

      Mike Grondin
      Mt. Clemens, MI
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