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11429Re: [XTalk] Jesus, James et al and Their Observant Parents

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  • Ted Weeden
    Nov 4 6:32 PM
      Gordon Raynal wrote on Sunday, November 03, 2002:

      (Mark Goodacre to Ted Weeden):
      > >
      > >(2) What do you make of John Painter's claim in _Just James_ that we
      > >should be wary of accepting at face value the Gospels' negative
      > >portrait & distancing of James (and the family of Jesus) during
      > >Jesus' ministry? In other words, perhaps the family were much more
      > >closely involved with Jesus' ministry and much more sympathetic to it
      > >than we assume when reading the Gospels.
      > Hi Mark and Ted,
      > Just a couple of cents worth on this point:)! I think Painter is correct
      > about this. The "disbelieving," "rejection," and "name calling" surely is
      > important as a theological motif consistent with the utter abandonment of
      > Jesus by ALL (rooted in the midrash of the Servant Songs of Isaiah), but I
      > don't think it tells us anything about family dynamics.

      Gordon, you are correct with respect to the midrash of the Isaianic servant
      songs, but the Gospel of Thomas has an authentic saying (31), in my
      judgment, in which Jesus speaks of himself, I gather, as a prophet who has
      been rejected by his hometown, and Thomas is not under the influence of the
      servant songs.

      > I disagree with my
      > Jesus Seminar friends on this and that "the Prodigal" is
      > To HJ and the family saying about "who is my...," such a verbal ploy is
      > consistent with "the shock value" of parabolic speech.

      I will post soon one of my sections of this developing monograph on the
      "Jesus, the Cultic Prodigal," in which I draw upon Mahlon Smith's article,
      suggesting that the Prodigal Son is an autobiographical parable, as well as
      add my own further support for his theory. I will look forward to your
      feedback on that piece.

      > But that it suggests
      > "actual feelings" about HJ and his family? I don't think so. Indeed, I'd
      > suggest that such a saying as Thomas 12, James being also known by a
      > nickname, what Paul says of his leadership in Galatians all go to suggest
      > that James was "a part of" the Kingdom Movement all along.

      If James was a part of the movement, I have difficulty understanding how he
      ended up advocating the very things that Jesus repudiated. What I have
      reference to is Jesus' dismissal of the Judean cultic establishment, its
      codes and its interpretation of Torah. I will post my piece on that

      Thank you, Gordon, for your critique. I look forward to further dialogue.

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