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11399Re: [XTalk] Jesus, James et al and Their Observant Parents

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  • Gordon Raynal
    Nov 3 5:06 PM
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      >From: "Mark Goodacre" <M.S.Goodacre@...>
      >To: crosstalk2@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: Re: [XTalk] Jesus, James et al and Their Observant Parents
      >Date: 3, Nov 2002, 5:19 PM

      >(2) What do you make of John Painter's claim in _Just James_ that we
      >should be wary of accepting at face value the Gospels' negative
      >portrait & distancing of James (and the family of Jesus) during
      >Jesus' ministry? In other words, perhaps the family were much more
      >closely involved with Jesus' ministry and much more sympathetic to it
      >than we assume when reading the Gospels.

      Hi Mark and Ted,

      Just a couple of cents worth on this point:)! I think Painter is correct
      about this. The "disbelieving," "rejection," and "name calling" surely is
      important as a theological motif consistent with the utter abandonment of
      Jesus by ALL (rooted in the midrash of the Servant Songs of Isaiah), but I
      don't think it tells us anything about family dynamics. I disagree with my
      Jesus Seminar friends on this and that "the Prodigal" is "autobiographical."
      To HJ and the family saying about "who is my...," such a verbal ploy is
      consistent with "the shock value" of parabolic speech. But that it suggests
      "actual feelings" about HJ and his family? I don't think so. Indeed, I'd
      suggest that such a saying as Thomas 12, James being also known by a
      nickname, what Paul says of his leadership in Galatians all go to suggest
      that James was "a part of" the Kingdom Movement all along.

      Gordon Raynal
      Inman, SC
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