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11379Re: [XTalk] Jesus, James et al and Their Observant Parents

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  • Ron Price
    Nov 2, 2002
      Bill Foley wrote:

      >Of course, the others of the four have rather fundamental and seeminly
      >blatant contradictions of Mark that evidently did not seem to matter in this


      So do you think that, say, Matthew was completely uninhibited in his
      rewriting of Mark?
      If so, then why did he merely shift the implied greed from James and
      John to their mother (Mt 20:20ff.) rather than replace the request for
      special places in the kingdom by something much more honourable? Why
      didn't Matthew, who obviously had such a high regard for Peter (Mt
      16:15-19), omit the story of Peter's denial altogether?

      The fact is that some contradictions are more major and more blatant
      than others. There was surely some limit beyond which Matthew was not
      prepared to go.

      Ron Price

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