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  • William Arnal
    Oct 4, 2002
      Jeffrey Gibson wrote:

      >Not to be cryptic, but I wonder if it would help at all to provide >answers
      >similar questions regarding the book of Daniel which I take to be >written
      >situation somewhat parallel to, if not analogous with, that which gave
      > >rise to
      >GMark, during a war of independence when it seemed that the God of >Israel
      >thrown in his lot with those who advocated and employed particularly
      > >violent means
      >to destroy the forces of evil.

      Brilliant. This is not cryptic at all, and I think the analogue is a
      fantastic one. I'm swiping this idea as of now, but I'll acknowledge where
      it came from.

      William Arnal
      Department of Religious Studies
      University of Regina
      Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 0A2

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