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  • William Arnal
    Oct 3, 2002
      Jack Kilmon wrote:

      >I believe that Mark was written as a response to a rival community >writing
      >with which Mark vehemently disagreed. I believe that rival gospel was >an
      >Aramaic "proto-John."
      >Well, that oughtta raise some hackles.
      >What is a hackle anyway?

      Hackles are the erectile hairs on a dog's back. So my OED, anyway. And yes,
      my hackles are raised by your proposal, but leaving that aside, even if one
      were to agree with you, it only defers the problem a bit. Why a "gospel" (in
      the sense of a chronological account of Jesus' "ministry" and death) in the
      first place?

      William Arnal
      Department of Religious Studies
      University of Regina
      Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 0A2

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