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  • laymantwo
    Aug 2, 2002
      >These Non-Xn Jewish acts of violence that Paul speaks of play
      > >to the Xn notion of the innocent persecuted martyr.
      > On the other hand, they also jive with the kind of evidence that we
      > find in Acts. We do, however, have plenty of evidence from Paul and
      > the Gospels that the early Christians were not to resort to violence
      > when dealing with non-Christians. Further, we do not appear to have
      > any evidence of Christian violence against those who opposed them.
      > On what basis are you sceptical of Paul's claims? Furher what is
      > basis for your belief that Christians were not violently attacked by
      > non-Christians Jews prior to 130 CE?
      > Brian Trafford
      > Calgary, AB, Canada

      Brian, I would add that -- for those of us who accept the Josephan
      reference to James as true -- that we have an example of Jewish
      violence against Jewish Christians in Palestine, as recorded by a
      Jewish historian.

      Josephus records that James and other leaders of his group were killed
      by Ananas.

      "when, therefore, Ananus was of this disposition, he thought he had
      now a proper opportunity. Festus was now dead, and Albinus was but
      upon the road; so he assembled the sanhedrim of judges, and brought
      before them the brother of Jesus, who was called Christ, whose name
      was James, and some others; and when he had formed an accusation
      against them as breakers of the law, he delivered them to be

      Antiquities 20.9.
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