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10474Re: Paul and Jesus' teaching

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  • sdavies0
    Jul 2, 2002
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      Have you all noticed how the word "teaching" gets used in so many
      radically different ways here? A sentence about Paul
      conveying "teaching" implies, for some, that he promulgates some
      sort of message-of-Jesus from the mouth of the Nazarene, for others
      it means that he "teaches" his own gospel which he got from A)God or
      B)Xians he persecuted. For others it means that Paul's teachings
      themselves became normative in some or many churches and were later
      incorporated into the teachings attributed to Jesus. I won't demand
      that everybody henceforth define their terms, but I hope that
      everybody will be a little more aware that claims
      regarding "teaching" vis a vis Paul or Jesus can mean a whole
      variety of things and if one wishes to communicate, i.e. teach (
      pace Bob S ), one should be somewhat careful to explain what one is
      talking about.

      Steve Davies
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