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10471Paul and Jesus' teaching

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  • brmcc2000
    Jul 1, 2002
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      This theme is probably pretty well worked out by now, but I did get
      an answer from my Paul scholar to my questions. It was brief and
      focused on a) a fact and b) an implication.

      a) The fact he reported was that he knew of no one who had ever
      suggested that Paul had ensured that each of his churches was given
      firm possession of as much of Jesus' teachings as possible through
      providing each with a written version of them.
      [My comment: Fortunately Mt and Lk saw things otherwise.]

      b) The implication of this fact for him is the obvious one: that,
      while Paul was acquainted with some traditions of Jesus' teaching, he
      did not think it important that his churches be put in firm
      possession of the full body of Jesus' teachings.

      Which raises the question: what did Paul think his churches did need
      to live their lives of faith? His Gospel? His Gospel plus the
      Septuagint? His Gospel plus some (written) collection of key
      Septuagint passages?
      Brian McCarthy
      Madison WI
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