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10230RE: [XTalk] Davies Trafford Chat

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  • Jacob Knee
    Jun 1, 2002
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      Can you have a simple disaster of cosmic proportions?

      Matthew, surrounds Jesus death with elements that more typically are
      associated with narratives of judgement or the 'end of the age'. I think the
      point may be that Jesus death is interpreted by Matthew in strongly
      eschatological terms - so that he does want to say that something decisive
      is going on.

      At the moment I'd see both continuity and contrast - seems a fairly common
      move for early christians to eschatologise Jesus' death - but I take the
      point about the differences.

      (Have been in Glos. for about couple of years now).

      Best wishes,

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      Cam. Glos.? I thought you were in Boston.

      Would you agree nevertheless that Matthew has reduced Jesus' death
      from the Salvific Event that is the Main Thing He Did down to a
      simple disaster of cosmic importance? I would contrast Matthew to
      Paul and Mark and Hebrews in that regard.

      Steve Davies

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