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critique of the Eschatological interpretation of the Lord's Prayer

I have now worked up a fairly lengthy (and I hope complete) analysis and critique of the "Eschatological" interpretation of the Lord's Prayer -- i.e.,the
Jeffrey Gibson
Aug 17

Mark and the Lord's Prayer

I see that on pp. 42-43 in his /Abba Father: Understanding and Using the Lord’s Prayer/, Kenneth Stevenson has argued that Mark knew the whole of the
Jeffrey Gibson
Jun 2

forgiveness of sins at the end of the age

I've once again turned to reading Jeremias' little book on the LP and I note with interest that when he comes to noting what the petition for the forgiveness
Jeffrey Gibson
Apr 25

Spitta on the LP

I am aware that in his article entitled "Die alteste Form des Vaterunsers"(in /Monatschrift für Gottesdienst und kirchliche Kunst/ 9 [Göttingen:Vandenhoeck &
Jeffrey Gibson
Apr 23

second century scribal habits

A brief slightly off topic question on the issue of what can be said about the exemplar of Marcion's text of Lk. 11:2-4 (which has no Kingdom and Name
Jeffrey Gibson
Apr 20

Didache and Luke

I note with interest that on p. 486 of his _Jesus Remembered_ Jimmy Dunn says that /Didache/ 1.3 clearly echos the Lukan version of Jesus teaching on loving
Jeffrey Gibson
Apr 17

Re: Jesus' purpose

If one is speaking about Israel having a commission from God to bring the Gentiles to repentance, I think you may find that NT Wright follows Caird here, as he
Apr 14

Jesus' purpose

Let's say that I was intent to make the claim that Jesus' purpose centered inmaking the people of Israel aware of the following three things: 1.that they were
Jeffrey Gibson
Apr 14

Matthew 12:40

David Mealand has let me know off list that something I thought I had sent here -- and that helps to clarify why I have been asking the questions I've been
Jeffrey Gibson
Apr 14

Re: [biblical-studies] Jesus use of "Son of Man" to refer to someone

Hi Jeffrey: As you know my position is that Jesus is referring to himself as the bar nasha of Daniel and Enoch. Regards, Jack Kilmon Houston, Texas ... From:
Jack Kilmon
Apr 12

Re: Matt. 12:40 -- the referent of "Son of Man"

On 4/11/2017 11:46 AM, 'Jack Kilmon' jkilmon@... [crosstalk2] ... This is no doubt interesting if you are asking about Jewish burial practices. But
Jeffrey Gibson
Apr 11

Re: Matt. 12:40 -- the referent of "Son of Man"

Hi John: In antiquity, and even up to the 19th century, people had no way of determining a catalepsy of some sort. Exhumations of people for one reason or
Jack Kilmon
Apr 11

Re: Matt. 12:40 -- the referent of "Son of Man"

On 4/11/2017 12:48 AM, methodist john.staton@... ... Who said otherwise? Besides this, the question is not what the expression is assimilated to,
Jeffrey Gibson
Apr 11

Jesus use of "Son of Man" to refer to someone other than himself

What is the status these days of the claim once made by Bultmann and others that when Jesus speaks of the coming Son of Man (as he does in Mk. 8:27//Lk. 9:26
Jeffrey Gibson
Apr 11

Re: Matt. 12:40 -- the referent of "Son of Man"

I see this as assimilation to the Jonah story, and "the heart of the earth" as the parallel to "the belly of the fish". Best Wishes JOHN E STATON (BA
Apr 10
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