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The eGroups Gazette, Issue #1

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  • The eGroups.com Team
    ____________________________________________________________ The eGroups Gazette ____________________________________________________________ We would like to
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      The eGroups Gazette

      We would like to thank you, our subscribers, for making
      eGroups the best on the Net. It's because of your
      creativity and variety of interests that there are 280,000
      awesome eGroups! We want our registered members to get the
      most out of the eGroups site, so we've created this
      newsletter to bring you the latest tips and tricks. Please
      come visit us at www.egroups.com and check out our latest
      free services!

      You are receiving this newsletter because you've registered
      with eGroups.com. To unsubscribe, please send a blank
      message to:


      In This Issue:

      -> eGroups Talk: Just Like a Phone Call, only Free!
      -> eGroups: A Class Affair
      -> Get Organized with eGroups Calendar

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      customer of iPrint.com, click on the link below and create a
      personalized set; delivered to your door for just $1.45
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      ----- eGroups Talk: Just Like a Phone Call, only Free! -----

      Looking for a more personal way to keep in touch over the
      Internet? Now you can carry on live voice conversations
      with individuals or groups in your very own eGroups Talk
      room. Best of all, it's FREE - kiss long-distance and
      international telephone charges goodbye!

      To get started you'll need a Windows 95, 98 or NT computer
      with a microphone, speakers and a suitable sound card. Once
      you're set up, just click the 'Talk' tab on your My Space
      page and type in the email address of the person you'd like
      to talk to, once they're logged in. You can also hold
      private conversations with eGroup members by visiting your
      favorite eGroup and clicking the 'Talk' tab.

      TALK TIP: Try using the Calendar to schedule a time for
      group Talk sessions.

      Learn all about this new feature on the eGroups Help pages:

      ------------------ eGroups: A Class Affair -----------------

      The end of summer is here, and for many of us, this means
      back-to-school. Whether you're a teacher returning from
      vacation to vocation, or a student returning from coastline
      to cosine, one of the best ways to ease into the school year
      is with an eGroup!

      Use eGroups to get the most out of campus life:
      + Create a class mailing list
      + Schedule practice and game times for your sports team
      + Use the Calendar to organize your class schedule
      + Maintain an alumni network for your alma mater

      Here are some examples of eGroups created by users for life
      at school:

      Model United Nations E-News
      This mailing list enables members of the Model United
      Nations to keep in touch with teachers, friends and other
      participants in the Model UN community.

      College Music Update Chat
      An eGroup for readers of College Music Update (CMU) magazine
      - the UK's "fortnightly guide to new music" - connecting
      college radio, the press, record labels and fans all over
      the UK and beyond.

      Collegiate Athletics
      A mailing list dedicated to college athletics, but with
      particular emphasis on American college football.

      If you're in college, we want YOU. That's right, eGroups is
      looking for a few good men and women to help promote eGroups
      - and we're paying! To become an eGroups student rep for
      your college campus, and make some money on the side,
      contact us today at studentreps@egroups.com

      ------------ Get Organized with eGroups Calendar -----------

      Are you looking for a simple, flexible way to schedule
      personal and group events? Then try our free Calendar! The
      Calendar is a secure, password-protected environment that's
      available from any device with Web access. You can even
      send out automatic email reminders to yourself or your
      eGroup for all Calendar events.

      To use your private calendar:
      1. Login to eGroups and click My Space
      2. From your My Space page, click Calendar
      3. Click the day and time of your event
      4. Fill in the Name and Description fields, and set the
      time for email reminders, if you like
      5. Click Done

      Use your eGroups calendar to:
      + Track repeat events
      + Synchronize your personal and group calendars using the
      'overlay' feature.
      + Manage your eGroup's schedule with daily, weekly or
      monthly viewing options
      + Send automatic reminders notifying yourself or eGroup
      members about upcoming events

      So what are you waiting for, get started today:

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      We would love to hear about the creative ways in which
      you're using eGroups. If you have an interesting story,
      please send it to us at egp-stories@egroups.com so we can
      share it with your fellow eGroups users. Please note that
      we may forward it on to our Public Relations department as
      well. Hope to hear from you soon!

      Josh Fisher - Editor

      If you wish to stop receiving this newsletter at any time,
      please send a blank message to:

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