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Re: S/S is back

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  • Sam Gibson
    Tom, Tom, Tom... We are nearing the heart of the matter and if you are not careful, you might just discover what it is people are talking about when they say
    Message 1 of 5 , May 26, 1999
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      Tom, Tom, Tom...

      We are nearing the heart of the matter and if you are not careful, you might
      just discover what it is people are talking about when they say "off-topic

      For example, you wrote:
      > Have you seen my book? Do You know I'm negotiating with Nicholas
      > Reeves to use our Subsurface seismic imaging in the Valley of
      > the Kings? Did you realize only an accident in the Post Office
      > in Cairo kept me from leading their dig there when they went in
      > uunder my location spelled out for University /college London
      > people in '95 and AUC people in '97.

      Now... if you could show how this has anything to do with the HJ or
      Christian origins, please do so. What this is should be pretty clear to
      everyone who reads it. It is Tom Simms telling everyone how great Tom Simms
      is. If this list were "Tom Simms and Christian Origins" or "Tom Simms and
      The Valley of the Kings" or even "Historical Jesus and The Valley of the
      Kings" you would be leading the pack.

      The list isn't, Tom. While some contributors might have an interest in this
      field, they joined the list to discuss and learn about HJ and Christian


      > FB = Fucking Bastards

      This is not going to win you any points - even if you are right. You don't
      call a duck a duck unless you want it to quack at you, dig?

      > You laugh at my Shroud business, the same info made the DSS crowd
      > back down on a 1st C CE dating and have to settle for the 70 BCE
      > date. I beat Goranson when Ian got bounced from Orion by pushing them
      > and pushing until they admitted they'd deliberately though naively
      > contaminated the scrolls. On XTok (my logo) Goranson had to turn
      > tail on the Nazareth issue. The archaeology ain't there.

      > I expect I'll show how the shroud image got on the Linen in Egypt
      > when I get there. Jerusalem will never allow the experiment -
      > but then perhaps you don't know the ruckus that's under way right now
      > the Temple Mount.

      Tom, I used to live in Jerusalem. I spent the better part of three and a
      half years in Israel. The shroud is in Turin. Please tell me how Jerusalem
      has some influence on any tests relating to the shroud. But understand
      this... it is purely for amusement that I ask. I think that you are
      certified "out there" when it comes to the Shroud.

      > BTW, I predicted Natenyahu would get clobbered.

      Great, Tom. I predicted Clinton would swamp Gore. Now we have both predicted
      things that were painfully obvious.

      > Pay attention. I blather and blather and then I wind it up in a quip.
      > I've done it for nearly 70 fucking years.

      Tom... I have been waiting for more than a year. I have never once seen you
      "wind it up".

      Sam Gibson
      "You might have lived an exemplary life as a Christian,
      only to be met at the gates of heaven by Muhammed.
      That's called fate."
      -Neil Peart, drummer and lyricist for Rush
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