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whoever it may concern

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  • Isidoros
    Let me first cite a modern Greek biblical saying: apo paidi ki apo trelo ma8aineis thn alh8eia (lit, trransl.: from (a) child and (a) mad-man (you may
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 1999
      Let me first cite a modern Greek "biblical" saying:

      "apo paidi ki' apo trelo ma8aineis thn alh8eia"
      (lit, trransl.: from (a) child and (a) mad-man
      (you may [hope to] know) learn the truth)

      Jeff, Mark, friends,

      thought, if the day may be saved, one last try was justified.

      Having been witness to it all almost from the start, hated to see the old
      mule let die, abandoned (so much, and many, it has carried), hated to see
      good minds frustrated and troubled, as hated to see, too, a troubled man
      suffer yet more. Sorry. I tried.

      Before bidding you Well! I would like to say few words, for whoever
      might care to listen.

      After some "list talk" at about the start of April I posted a proposal
      where I outlined what thought was a truly "self-moderated" list guideline
      (as against the Crosstalk norm I long diagnosed as abandonment carried on
      to anarchy) and where phenomena such as the one to which we have been
      subjected would not have a chance of a "Second Coming" (let alone of Coming
      Perennially) and also where the phenomenoi would not be given a chance
      to subject themselves a second time, either. But, Mark's "hopeful" remarks,
      returnee Bob Schact's cynical low pugs, as also the group's non-response
      let the matter slide asunder. I remember Stevan and Tom S. had appreciated
      the writ, as did Mark--and I should be rather sorry that did not come back
      on list then again to analyze what Mark had found, too, "dense", or that did
      not speak up to set Bob's "musings" straight (who probably misunderstood my
      want to exorcise atmospheric "lows" with words designed to humor 'n lighten.
      Don't have at the moment the exact date n title of that post to hand--
      have kept copy somewhere, and if/when I find it will repost (or, please
      look at the Archives). For, there I put forth much of what the now
      schismatic members may reflect on adopting for their Code, and more.

      Jeff, Mark, all, you take good care. As you may realize, intentions do not
      always suffice. If I made a last effort to save here the day by trying to
      placate Christ Thomas to let go and keep to a minimal of a list accepted
      behavior, you understand, it was because of the sympathy I feel for all
      members, and especially, of course, for CT, Leo--God's "mad-man." As did
      it also out of a sense of obligation, and (some) gratitude, for HarperCollins.
      I saw serious legal and ethical ramifications over the taking "over" of a
      *list* membership, and tried--against hope, really-- to prevent this from
      happening: first by Leo's saying would keep postings brief and on topic, and
      then by discussing and adopting on list a "self-moderation" code and

      I didn't want to see this rather historic list to admit to having failed,
      or members to being exhausted of kindness and dialogue; or to being
      derailed by (any) one; or, to being "high-jacked." On the other hand,
      it may be said--and let me be the first to say it --that not only
      was there not any crime involved, but that an abandoned and suffering
      "child" (or at least the "spirit" of it) was given a new, and caring, "home".
      But I wish that the legal "parents" (who did pay most bills, throughout)
      were asked for permission before any such "transacted" reincarnation.
      Or that, at most, after the opening of the list members were, merely,
      invited to join. That would have made very much of the difference.

      Last point; there seems to me to be rush in all of this scurrying "across";
      hopefully this is largely due to enthusiasm, and a rush to leaving behind
      the unpleasant memories, and on to a new start. I really hope it is just
      that, especially the very last, and not merely nervous energy fueled
      by the members inability to push on the list to develop creatively--
      of which CT would only be the latest excuse.

      My very best wishes to all,


      PS Jeff, Mark, if CT's post and his quoting my personal letter to him
      has reached the Crosstalk2 list, please forward this, too.
      Also, if any should want to read my first (and only other) letter to CT
      you are welcomed to a copy.
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