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Re: Cephas/Peter

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  • Jan Sammer
    ... the ... That is the case in modern European practice, however, I have been informed in a private communication that Jewish naming practices of the time
    Message 1 of 31 , May 24, 1999
      > What evidence is there for the thesis regarding two Marys other than the
      > text itself taken as though it were literal, but unclear, and involving
      > sisters having identical names whereas given names are usually meant to
      > distinguish children in the same family?

      That is the case in modern European practice, however, I have been informed
      in a private communication that Jewish naming practices of the time allowed
      siblings to have the same name. This is something I have not investigated in
      any detail. My purpose was to get a consensus as to whether the suggested
      reading of John 19:25 (corrected reference) was legitimate or even the
      preferred one grammatically.

      > What use is the information --
      > supposing it is correct?

      If we can establish that John 19:25 refers to two women only, that would be
      useful in itself. Of course, it won't help the Canadians beat the Czechs in

      >It seems to me unverifiable and unproductive.

      There is other evidence relating to Mary Magdalene that can be brought to
      bear on the issue, and some on this list have already done so. Literary
      evidence is seldom verifiable. We can look for consistency, however.

    • Christ Thomas
      ... Crosstalk male Scholars Luke 16:15 And he said unto them, Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which
      Message 31 of 31 , May 25, 1999
        Isidoros wrote:
        > Dear Leo,
        > there is no much time. I would like to prevent their taking "over"
        > of Crosstalk. But, to do this effectively you should agree on list not to
        > interfere any more with the list proceedings. You know what I mean.
        > If I ask you, appeal to you on list, will you do that, agree, simply and
        > straiht? Of course, I will be kind, and as so I feel.
        > And, what say you, Joe?
        > Isidoros

        Crosstalk male Scholars

        Luke 16:15 And he said unto them, Ye are they which justify yourselves
        before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly
        esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.

        Will, thank you for your generous efforts in making the public apology
        to the rats of the world. Additionally, in an effort to break friction
        in the air and to demonstrate our absolute sincerity to the world and
        perhaps put a smile of some concerned faces that have been under some
        stress on crosstalk lately, I offer for consideration your kind
        contribution to humanity.

        A fire fighter buddy,

        Will Campbell wrote:
        > Bill:
        > You're probably correct in thinking that somewhere along the way
        > we may have "gone too far" with our unnecessary remarks about
        > lawyers and snakes....and, yes, rats, too.
        > I have not been sleeping well lately and I now believe that an
        > apology to rats may be just the thing that will put me to sleep!
        > I wanna thank you for bringing this to my attention.
        > I know for sure that all rats everywhere will be refreshed and
        > challenged by our NEW & IMPROVED unique point of view.
        > I don't know what our problem is but I'll bet it's hard to pronounce.
        > To prey upon the "innocent" is unforgivable.
        > Any connection between REAL reality and ours is surely coincidental.
        > What are RATS? Flypaper for freaks!? And...Manipulators? No!
        > A thousand times no!
        > Someday, we'll look back on this, laugh nervously and change the subject.
        > Actually, I don't think we were being rude. Just insignificant.
        > I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I had about lawyers
        > and snakes and rats...it was thankless job, but we had a lot of
        > Karma to burn off.
        > Yes, I feel that I was an agent of Satan, but my duties were largely
        > ceremonial.
        > And to my amazement, my powers could only be used for good.
        > Just yesterday I spoke to a lawyer and told him, "how about never?
        > Is never good for you?"
        > Rats and lawyers are really easy to get along with once people learn
        > to worship them.
        > I may be out of my mind for agreeing that we should apologize
        > to all rodents, but I intend to call each and everyone
        > personally...and if they are "in conference" I'm gonna feel
        > free to leave an apologetic message...
        > At least I have a positive attitude about my destructive habits.
        > I will have to admit that in spite of it all...lawyers, snakes and rats
        > have succeeded in validating my inherent mistrust of the strangers.
        > So...I'll be busy for the next several days contacting all rats
        > to personally beg for their forgiveness for the offending remarks and
        > innuendo that I may have inflicted on their veracity.
        > I've set aside a considerable amount of special time to humiliate
        > myself while performing this task. Thanks to your astute foresight I
        > now see the error of my ways.
        > A humble servant to all lawyers, snakes, and rodents,
        > Sir William Gaylord Campbell IV

        Will Campbell wrote:
        > Didymus:
        > I recently sampled some awful tea distributed by
        > Bat Guana, Inc. and I'm here to tell you that it wasn't
        > bad except for a few distasteful thingies......
        > The full name of the tea is Bat Guana I Love Lemon Herb Tea.
        > Having recently sampled said item in a culinary context, I am
        > convinced that it is the most unappealing, tasteless,
        > and unprofessional tea I have ever encountered.
        > And I've encountered a lot of unprofessional tea in my time.
        > This tea breaks all previously-conceived boundaries of the concept
        > bland. It invokes in the drinker a level of excitement usually asso-
        > ciated with shoelace collections or counting one's own armpit hairs.
        > I noticed that the tea is classified as "Herb Tea" rather than an
        > "Herbal Tea," and that Herb has traditionally been a name denoting
        > banal, tedious people. Another tumbler of the Bat Guana corporate lock
        > falls into place.
        > The outer wrapper of the tea bag - whose taste may be compared favor-
        > ably to that of the tea itself - is colored yellow. I, Will Campbell,
        > conjecture
        > that this represents some twisted attempt to conjure associations
        > with other objects that Bat Guana, Inc. regards as the paradigm of
        > tastiness, such as fire hydrants, old math textbooks, and yield signs.
        > A quick glance at the packages of some of their other herbal tea pro-
        > ducts confirms my suspicions. One tea package depicts a small cat,
        > playfully clawing a ball or mouse or small child, while Bat's
        > propagandistic legend assures me that the paragon of beverages
        > is contained within. What sort of bald faced nonsequitor is this?
        > The only thing a cat and tea have in common is that one dislikes
        > being immersed in the other. Clearly, Bat Guana's marketing skills
        > are equivalent to their prowess at tea making, which is probably
        > on a level with the cat's.
        > (\ In short, I find I Love Bat Guana's Lemon
        > Herb Tea
        > )) )\\ a thoroughly detestable product, and
        > (( / .( recommend changing its name to I Used
        > \\.-"```"'` =_/= To Love Lemon Until I Drank This Herb
        > > , / Tea. In view of its exceedingly worth-
        > \ )__.\ | lessness as a viable drink, it is diff-
        > > / / ||\\ icult not to inductively extend this
        > \\ \\ \\ \\ condemnation to include the entire
        > product line of Bat Guana, Inc.
        > However, if I were to be sent a free sample of each of Bat Guana's
        > other tea products, I might be able to constrain my loathing for this
        > particular
        > specimen, and not gallop through the streets of Orlando howling
        > obscenities about their company and their activities, which, as you
        > know, it exceedingly deleterious to healthy public relations.
        > Actually, the tea wasn't bad. Teeter Loves it, too.
        > Will & Teeter!

        Will Campbell
        March 23, 1999

        Will, after due consideration, relative to our remarks, relative to
        Lawyers and snakes, and in order to avoid a possible legal action from a
        member of the American Lawyer Bar Association, I do hereby agree that,
        at least, one of us should make a public apology to the parties that we
        may have offended with our name calling.

        After all, the offended parties, do actually provide a useful service to
        the humanity of this planet by attacking and removing societies
        varmints. Additionally, I do believe that some compensation may be in
        order since these injured parties may be harmed by our cold and callous
        remarks about their guilt by association with the other party.

        Therefore, let the world know that I apologize to the snakes for
        associating them with the lawyers. Additionally, to compensate the
        snakes for our cold and meaningful remarks, I hereby authorize the
        serpents, especially the venomous ones, to bite any rodent lawyer in the
        ass. Opps, now we’ve offended the rats.
        Will, I believe you should apologize to the rats since I apologized to
        the snakes.

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