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Re: Jesus' Burial

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  • Mark Goodacre
    ... Welcome back Mahlon. We were all worried about you! I am most grateful for your interesting message on Matthew s Sources and will give myself a day or
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 6 4:05 PM
      Mahlon wrote:

      > My thoughts precisely. I reviewed Mark's & Yuri's e-mail pages & was
      > impressed by the calibre of the debate we conducted in the wee
      > hours. But I felt like I was eavesdropping on only bits of a
      > long-distance telephone conversation & having to fill in the gaps. I
      > considered extracting my contributions in toto & posting them on my
      > own website with links to Mark's & Yuri's pages. But I think Steve's
      > suggestion to keep all the correspondence on one site makes more
      > sense. I don't think any CrossTalker would sue Mark for violating
      > copyright if he did this. What do you think, Mark? If it is too much
      > of a chore for you, I'll go ahead & post Steve's & my missives on
      > this topic (along with those of anyone else who gives permission to
      > include his posts) on my page. Since I will also include a link to
      > these pages in the VRIndex under HJ it would be simpler if all the
      > debate was preserved on one site with a hyperindex to follow the
      > threads.

      Welcome back Mahlon. We were all worried about you! I am most
      grateful for your interesting message on "Matthew's Sources" and will
      give myself a day or two to answer it as it requires a proper answer
      and my time is very limited for the next few days because of various
      pressures. I have an interesting and provocative message of Kevin
      Johnson's still to respond to too. Apologies for the delay.

      On the question of the burial materials, my inclination would be to
      hold off now that we have the web archive. Old messages should be
      added to it in time and this makes me less inclined to draw together
      messages in another place.

      With good wishes


      Dr Mark Goodacre M.S.Goodacre@...
      Dept. of Theology, University of Birmingham
      Homepage: http://www.bham.ac.uk/theology/goodacre
      (Please note new address)
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