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re: Theophilus

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  • Stephen C. Carlson
    We ll have to agree to disagree with whether Autolycus has been interpolated. Furthermore, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia,
    Message 1 of 10 , Mar 30 7:44 PM
      We'll have to agree to disagree with whether Autolycus has been
      interpolated. Furthermore, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia, http://www.knight.org/advent/cathen/14625a.htm
      Theophilus produced a Gospel harmony. This might explain the
      references to "the Gospel".

      At 05:41 PM 3/30/99 -0500, Stevan Davies wrote:
      >> As for biographical information, it appears that Theophilus was born
      >> near the Euphrates, had a Greek education, and converted to Christianity
      >> as an adult. He later became the 6th bishop of Antioch (as Eusebius
      >> counts). Some of his lost works include an anti-Marcionite tract.
      >> These facts suggest that Theophilus was just an orthodox Christian.
      >Can the 6th Bishop be dated?
      >What other works are listed?

      Here's what Eusebius, History 4.19-20, 24 wrote:

      In the eighth year of the above-mentioned reign Soter succeeded Anicetus as
      bishop of the church of Rome, after the latter had held office eleven years
      in all. But when Celadion had presided over the church of Alexandria for
      fourteen years tie was succeeded by Agrippinus.

      At that time also in the church of Antioch, Theophilus was well known as the
      sixth from the apostles. For Cornelius, who succeeded Hero, was the fourth,
      and after him Eros, the fifth in order, had held the office of bishop.

      Of Theophilus, whom we have mentioned as bishop of the church of Antioch,
      three elementary works addressed to Autolycus are extant; also another
      writing entitled Against the Heresy of Hermogenes, in which he makes use of
      testimonies from the Apocalypse of John, and finally certain other
      catechetical books. And as the heretics, no less then than at other times,
      were like tares, destroying the pure harvest of apostolic teaching, the
      pastors of the churches everywhere hastened to restrain them as wild beasts
      from the fold of Christ, at one time by admonitions and exhortations to the
      brethren, at another time by contending more openly against them in oral
      discussions and refutations, and again by correcting their opinions with
      most accurate proofs in written works. And that Theophilus also, with the
      others, contended against them, is manifest from a certain discourse of no
      common merit written by him against Marcion. This work too, with the others
      of which we have spoken, has been preserved to the present day.

      Maximinus, the seventh from the apostles, succeeded him as bishop of the
      church of Antioch.

      Here's what Jerome, De Viris Ill., 25 wrote:

      Theophilus, sixth bishop of the church of Antioch, in the reign of the
      emperor Marcus Antoninus Verus composed a book Against Marcion, which is
      still extant, also three volumes To Autolycus and one Against the heresy of
      Hermogenes and other short and elegant treatises, well fitted for the
      edification of the church. I have read, under his name, commentaries On the
      Gospel and On the proverbs of Solomon which do not appear to me to
      correspond in style and language with the elegance and expressiveness of the
      above works.

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