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Re: Time and Time Again

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    ... For anyone interested, I revised and abridged Goulder s chart for a Sunday School class that I taught last year. It is a Word6 Document. It combines
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 1998
      On June 3 Mark Goodacre responded to my "Time and Again" posting:
      >Philip Lewis wrote:
      >> Bishop Spong's liturgical calendar of Gospel formation (_Liberating
      >> the Gospels_) makes no provision for intercallating leap months - a
      >> necessity in adjusting Lunar to Solar time! The whole notion of a
      >> yearly rehearsal of Torah readings - and hence of Gospel
      >> construction - falls on its face at that point.

      Mark replied:

      >I am afraid that I have still not looked at Spong's recent book in
      >detail; other Crosstalkers are more familiar with it. But it needs
      >to be said that Goulder does take care to deal with intercalated
      >months by building a bit of flexibility into his system. If you can
      >get a copy of _The Evangelists' Calendar_ (London: SPCK, 1978), there
      >is a massiver fold-out chart at the end in which Goulder summarises
      >his view of the lectionary reading of Scripture, with allowances made
      >for second Adar and so on. The chart makes you want to weep -- the
      >hours and days that must have gone into creating it. But Spong
      >believes it and maybe there is life in it yet. But I remain

      For anyone interested, I revised and abridged Goulder's chart for a
      Sunday School class that I taught last year. It is a Word6 Document.
      It combines Goulder, Spong, and current Sidra and Haftorah readings used
      in contemporary Synagogues. I have given my sources full citations at
      the end. This was done for teaching purposes only and I have no plans on
      publishing it.

      I will be happy to send out the chart to those interested. Please write
      me at


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