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  • Douglas W Kincaid
    You wrote: Going to go book shopping. Any recommendations? ... am ... was ... developed ... Boccaccini s ... he ... the ... group ... ancient ... party, ...
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 7, 1998
      You wrote:
      Going to go book shopping. Any recommendations?

      >by Gabriele Boccaccini
      >(Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1998)
      >"Boccaccini's Beyond the Essene Hypothesis is a fascinating, incisively
      >reasoned contribution to Qumran research"
      >Elaine Pagels, Princeton University
      >"Josephus erroneously divided pre-70 CE Judaism into four `sects'... I
      >convinced that there were at least a dozen groups within Judaism. One
      >what Boccaccini calls `Enochic Judaism' which was clearly ancient and
      >exceedingly important. Boccaccini suggests that the Qumran group
      >out of this Enochic group. His synthesis of early Jewish phenomena is
      >challenging and impressive"
      >James H. Charlesworth, Princeton Theological Seminary
      >"Boccaccini is to be commended for his penetrating and lucidly presented
      >analysis of the origins of the Dead Sea community at Qumran.
      >theory about the relationship of this community to the Essenes (or what
      >calls `Enochic Judaism') offers a way around a current impasse in Qumran
      >studies. An important new work"
      >William Adler, North Carolina State University
      >"Boccaccini has an impressive and stimulating synthesis which makes an
      >important advance in our understanding of what the Scrolls mean for
      >ancient Judaism"
      >Philip R. Davies, University of Sheffield
      >Respected scholar Gabriele Boccaccini offers a challenging new view of
      >ideology of the Qumran sect, the community closely related with the Dead
      >Sea Scrolls. Boccaccini moves beyond the Essene hypothesis and posits a
      >unique relationship between what he terms "Enochic Judaism" and the
      >traditionally known as the Essenes. Building his case on what the
      >records tell us about the Essenes and on a systematic analysis of the
      >documents found at Qumran, Boccaccini argues that the literature betrays
      >the core of an ancient and distinct variety of Second Temple Judaism.
      >Tracing the development of this tradition, Boccaccini shows that the
      >Essene community at Qumran was really the offspring of the Enochic
      >which in turn contributed to the birth of parties led by John the
      >and Jesus. Convincingly argued, this work will surely spark fresh debate
      >in the discussion on the Qumran community and their famous writings.
      >Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, tel 800-253-7521, fax 616-459-6540,
      >e-mail wbesales@...; mail 255 Jefferson SE, Grand Rapids, MI
      >Gabriele Boccaccini is Professor of New Testament and Second Temple
      >Judaism at the University of Michigan. He is the author of "Middle
      >Judaism: Jewish Thought, 300 BCE to 200 CE" (Minneapolis: Fortress,
      >and "Portraits of Middle Judaism in Scholarship and Art" (Turin:
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      Robert Schacht
      Northern Arizona University

      [I thought the above info which Bob recently posted about this book was
      an apt "advertisement". *Beyond the Essene Hypothesis* traces a document
      "chain" of "Enochic Judaism" and the Qumran community, from Ezekiel up to
      those documents immediately preceding & influencing the early Christian
      writings. Boccaccini discusses the following chain: Ezekiel, Zadokite
      literature, Book of the Watchers, Aramaic Levi, Astronomical Book, Dream
      Visions, Daniel (Zadokite lit.), Book of Jubilees, (what author describes
      as a radical offshoot occurs here of subthread Temple Scroll, Halakkic
      Letter, Damascus Document, leading to the Qumran sectarian literature),
      Epistle of Enoch, Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, Similitudes of
      Enoch, then early Christian literature & 2Enoch to follow. Imbedded
      within the historical chain are the views of those Jews who had serious
      objections to the religious establishment (as did Yeshu according to
      gospel accounts). IMO Boccaccini's book is impressive and is a
      worthwhile read. - Doug Kincaid]

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