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Re: Birth narratives

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  • Stevan Davies
    ... Gee. This is the first time I can recall where a crosstalker seems to think that there isn t already entirely too much stuff sent by me. ... No. I need
    Message 1 of 42 , Dec 3, 1998
      > >Evidently Ian has succeeded in cowing Steve into
      >submission on this issue.
      > Mike,

      Gee. This is the first time I can recall where a crosstalker seems to
      think that there isn't already entirely too much stuff sent by me.

      > "Cowed"? I think there would be numerous reasons why the discussion has gone
      > to water that you haven't considered.
      > 1) Steve has a lot of work at the moment

      No. I need more work. Am at an intellectual stop at the moment.

      > 2) No-one else has shown much interest

      Yeah. It's always tiresome to have a discussion where
      only two people seem to have an interest.

      > 3) There's not much more to be said

      This is probably so. You have an Ian view and a Steve
      view and there we are. There's no more evidence that
      I know of and so what you do with it is either what he
      does or I do.

      > 4) One needs a little time to shape one's response

      Not me, usually.

      > 5) Ian is only an argumentative so-and-so

      That too.

      > 6) Steve's social life is intruding into his net-time

      Hah. Most of my social life is taken up with car troubles.

      > 7) (Add your own...)

      I guess my ironies re: faith went zooming right over Mike's
      head. Dunno about Ian who has a fondness for irony himself.
      He just ignores the ironies which is a decent strategem... but
      not as much fun as accepting them and going from there.
      Arguing against them though is just falling into the trap, which
      Ian didn't do.

    • Chris Cutler
      Sorry to have to say so, Chris, but you ve unacceptably confused truth ... Thank s for picking me up on that ... I don t have a problem with that ... Surely
      Message 42 of 42 , Dec 7, 1998
        Sorry to have to say so, Chris, but you've unacceptably confused 'truth'
        > with 'belief'. The notion of something being "true for person x" is nothing
        > more than another way of saying that x believes something to be true.
        Thank's for picking me up on that
        > Everyone has fundamental beliefs, of course, but it's misleading to call
        > these beliefs 'fundamental truths'. When your distinction is reworded as
        > one between "fundamental belief" and "universal belief", it makes much more
        > sense.
        I don't have a problem with that

        > BTW, the bit about the "believer's hat" was my way of trying to capture the
        > same idea that Mahlon and Bob have spoken of as "bracketing-off" one's
        > beliefs about the divinity of a person when one is "doing history" related
        > to that person. I have my doubts as to whether or how far this is possible,
        > but I'm willing to take their word for it that it is possible, since
        > they're the ones who find themselves in that situation.
        Surely the important thing for the believer 'doing history' is to declare their interest - that way the reader knows how many grains of salt to take to make the results more palletable (sp?).
        Best wishes

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