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Re: SBL and the Synoptic Problem

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  • Antonio Jerez
    Mark Goodacre wrote:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 1998
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      Mark Goodacre wrote:

      <As a footnote, I am sorry to have to report that I returned from Florida today
      to find our house burgled. My home computer (where I do most of my work) has
      gone so, if you were waiting for a reply to an Email, could you kindly
      re-send it? Please be patient if I take a while to deal with any Synoptic-L
      matters over the next week or so; and thanks to Yuri for drawing attention to
      subscribe / unsubscribe information, which seems to have helped. My main
      Synoptic-L archive went with the computer but I think it will be
      >straightforward to construct a new one from back-ups and FindMail.
      >of Birmingham

      Glad to see you back in Europe, Mark. But I'm saddened to hear
      that burglars have made life miserable for you. I suppose they stole
      more than your home computer. Hopefully you have a good home
      insurance that will give you back most of what you have lost.

      Best wishes

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