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Re: Galilean religion

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  • al baughman
    ... that any ... prophetic works? ... northern ... could be seen ... GET OUT OF MY FACE DO NOT SEND ANY MAIL
    Message 1 of 18 , Sep 23, 1998
      ---Stevan Davies wrote:
      > > From: Phil@... (Philip B. Lewis)
      > > I guess none of us have any intellectual certainty about a Galilean
      > > religion, whether Judean or not, though it seems logical to me
      that any
      > > Galilean influence upon religious practice and belief should be
      > > differentiated from the Jerusalem variety.
      > Yes. If we all start doing this we will constitute a cult that will
      > threaten the priests and pharisees of the SBL and they will send
      > forth their Pauls to persecute us.
      > > Are the northern kingdom prophets of value in suggesting what would
      > > conceivably be Galilean traits - as over against the Judean
      prophetic works?
      > > A prophet spoke to an audience whose predispositions may be assumed.
      > I'd object, as before, to the anachronism involved in claiming that
      > the contents of a text 700 years before the period under discussion
      > gives us good data about that period. Also I would insist that we
      > be suspicious that northern kingdom prophets *transmitted to us by
      > Judeans* are making some kinds of points that Judeans approve of and
      > so are presumptively atypical. Information about northern kingdom
      > prophets that Judeans (aka YHWH) do not approve of would be
      > interesting and probably is buried in the histories somewhere.
      > > Did the apocalypticism of Daniel and Enoch, both as I recall,
      > > kingdom 0r Galilean products, have distinguishable marks which
      could be seen
      > > as the forebears of Galilean understanding?
      > "northern kingdom or Galilean products" REALLY? If so then this would
      > be much better data. But you do need to check your recall..
      > Steve

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