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Re: Judas again

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    ... LEWIS: I don t think that the notion that Christians were the true Israel rather than the Jews developed until well after the destruction of the Temple.
    Message 1 of 17 , Sep 1, 1998
      >JAN: See my comments above. Perhaps somebody else in the Christian
      >movement was being groomed for the post, but as long as the Temple was
      >standing, and the Christians claimed to be the true Jews, logically the
      >Temple was rightfully theirs.

      LEWIS: I don't think that the notion that Christians were the "true Israel"
      rather than the Jews developed until well after the destruction of the
      Temple. Before that time, I would imagine that if there was any
      controversy, it would have been over whether they should be regarded as
      Jews or not, not whether they were "the true Jews".

      Luke’s parable of the Wicked Tenants was certainly understood by the
      Christians as an allegory of their being the rightful heirs to Abraham's
      promise, to the exclusion of traditional Jews. Of course that cannot count
      as evidence for my thesis as long as the date of Luke is not established.
      Still, most commentators would not date Luke "well after the destruction of
      the Temple" but rather not long after it. I would date proto-Luke to the
      late fifties A.D. and frame no hypotheses as to when our gospel attained its
      present form. We can be more confident of an early date (in the fifties) for
      Galatians, where in 4:21-31 Paul represents "the present city of
      Jerusalem" --i.e., the temple hierarchy and their followers, as "a slave
      along with all its people. But the heavenly Jerusalem is free, and she is
      our mother.".... "Now you, my brothers, are God's children as a result of
      his promise, just as Isaac was. At that time the son who was born in the
      usual way persecuted the one who was born because of God's spirit; and it is
      the same now. But what does the scripture say? 'Throw out the slave woman
      and her son; for the son of the slave woman will not share the father's
      property with the son of the free woman.' So then, my brothers, we are not
      the children of a slave woman, but of the free woman."

      The battle lines are drawn. The fledgling Christian movement will "throw out
      the slave woman and her son"--the Temple hierarchy and its lackeys--just as
      soon as it finds the means to do so. As I mentioned before, the means was to
      have been a ruling by the highest court in the land as to which brand of
      Judaism was the authentic one. Had Paul's version of Judaism been declared
      the official one, nothing would have stood in the way of the Christian
      movement putting this threat into practice.


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