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751Re: Schonfield, sales, and scholarship

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  • Tom Simms
    Jul 2, 1998
      On Wed, 01 Jul 1998 22:15:14 -0700, jgibson000@...
      >In a recent message on H. Schonfield, Tom Simms once again noted not
      >only that scholars seemingly snubbed S., but that S. would never debate
      >with others because:
      >>...HE didn't have to,
      >> THEY had not sold over 3 Million
      >> copies of just one on his books and over a million for several others...
      >You make this point frequently, and presumably in order to show that
      >Schonfield was a scholarly force to be reckoned with. But I am not so
      >sure that sales of books should be taken as any indication of scholarly
      >acumen, let alone that we should pay any regard to what a best selling
      >author has to say. After all, Hal Lindsey has sold several more millions
      >of books than Shonfield. But I thinks it's safe to say that neither you
      >nor I would recognize that Lindsey is really a biblical scholar or a
      >bona fide authority on the interpretation of of apocalyptic literature.
      >let alone take what he has to say seriously. All multiple sales show in
      >this (and possibly Shonfield's) instance is that there's a gullible
      >public out there and that sensationalism sells.

      Well, Jeffrey, HJS was nearly 100 when he died. He lived in
      Edinburgh all that time, but he was Jewish and, if you have read
      his books, a formidable scholar of Judaism. Yet the academics ignored
      him and even now this list dodges the issue of the wide range of Judaism
      available during the Ministry of Jesus.

      When I saw him on TV at 90, he knew very clearly what he was about.

      If I had been ignored as long as he was, with a success like his
      under my belt I never have given the academics the time of day.
      Yet if you've followed Davila's Lists you will realize he's had to
      teach what HJS advocated - a review of the Origins of the Church
      Turn of the Era Judaism.

      Your argument is like mine, flip and to catch the eye, but with little
      substance. Comparing Lindsay with Schonfield is comparing Dross
      and Gold. However, I see in your view that Populism is of little value.
      I was amazed that such densely written, difficult to read texts as
      Schonfield's had sold in Lindsay's league. Strange that Americans
      would take such elitist values. I'd expect such behavior from northern
      Britain but a century ago a Jew called Disraeli retired as Prime Minister
      and became Lord Beaconsfield. So much for July 4th! The nearest you
      pulled off the trick was When Goldwater lost as an Episcopalian.

      Which is one more reason WE celebrate our foundation on July the FIRST

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