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6735Re: Darwin's Sheep !

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  • mgrondin@tir.com
    May 26, 1999
      > This is no longer Crosstalk.

      > Not sure about the last. What I am sure of is that is no londer Mike.

      Now why would you be so unkind, Isidoros? Is it because you still hope to save the old group? I'm afraid it's no longer possible. Too little, too late. Substantive discussions on XT2 are already in full swing - the old members returning - the glory of old Crosstalk born again!

      > Besides, if this is no longer the Crosstalk to you, what are
      > you doing loitering around about this list. Why, move on to
      > something scholarly. Isidoros

      I have non-scholarly interests as well. The stuff that I think is scholarly, I send to XT2, the non-scholarly stuff here. I don't cross-post to both lists. The reason I'm hanging around here is curiosity, more than anything else. Occasionally, something strikes my fancy and (like you) I speak up. I hope you don't begrudge me that small pleasure.

      Mike G.
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