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6734Re: Darwin's Sheep !

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  • Isidoros
    May 26, 1999
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      >visits to the bar, etc. Why not? This is no longer Crosstalk.

      Not sure about the last. What I am sure of is that is no londer Mike.

      Besides, if this is no longer the Crosstalk to you, what are
      you doing loitering around about this list. Why, move on to
      something scholarly. Isidoros

      >In general, since this list is no longer the home of HJ studies, I thought
      >I'd >demonstrate that you can never rid yourself of Bill, nor quiet him
      >down. All that >remains is for us to discuss his personal life, which I
      >now feel free to do here, >since all pretense of respectability is gone.
      >So let's discuss his friends, his family, >his visits to the bar, etc. Why
      >not? This is no longer Crosstalk.
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