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6556Re: Review of Painter

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  • BobSchacht@aol.com
    May 7, 1999
      In a message dated 5/5/99 7:02:41 AM US Mountain Standard Time,
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      > Subj: Review of Painter
      > Date: 5/5/99 7:02:41 AM US Mountain Standard Time
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      > There was some discussion a little while ago about Painter's _Just James_.
      > I
      > have just finished writing a review of this and thought some on the list
      > might
      > like to read this draft.
      > Mark
      > --------------------
      > Just James: The Brother of Jesus in History and Tradition (Studies on
      > Personalities of the New Testament). By John Painter. Pp. xiv, 326,
      > Columbia
      > SC, University of South Carolina Press, 1998, £27.95.
      > Among recent attempts to rehabilitate James the brother of Jesus, John
      > Painter's deserves special honour. In a careful, thorough study, Painter
      > patiently reviews all of the available evidence and concludes that we
      > underestimate the historical importance of "James the Just" at our peril.

      Thanks, Mark!
      It is good to see your informative posts here again!
      I appreciate this review.

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