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  • rene joseph salm
    May 5, 1999
      On Wed, 5 May 1999, Mark Goodacre wrote:

      > There was some discussion a little while ago about Painter's _Just James_. I
      > have just finished writing a review of this and thought some on the list might
      > like to read this draft.

      Thank you, Mark, for this review.


      > Overall, Painter is careful to temper boldness with sobriety. He is bold, on
      > one hand (and probably right), to be wary of the evangelists' tendency to play
      > down the importance of James during the ministry of Jesus. He is sober, on
      > the other hand, both in his treatment of Jerome's theory that Jesus and James
      > were merely cousins and in his discussion of the "Epiphanian" view that James
      > was Joseph's son by another marriage. But sometimes Painter is too sober:
      > one would have liked to have seen the careful arguments of Richard Bauckham in
      > favour of the Epiphanian view taken seriously. Painter's tendency to lump it
      > together with Jerome's view as something solely apologetically motivated does
      > not pay adequate attention to (a) the much greater antiquity of the Epiphanian
      > view; (b) the fact that there is no sign of Joseph in the gospels when Jesus
      > is an adult; (c) the fact that Mary is clearly still alive in Jesus' ministry
      > in spite of (d) having at least seven adult children alive in a time when
      > mortality in childbirth was high.

      It seems to me that Jerome's view here mirrors a traditional
      Middle-Eastern (Semitic) way of thinking, whereby the extended family
      includes cousins as "brothers" and "sisters"... I haven't gone through the
      Gospels to seek out the evidence of "seven adult children" of Mary. Do you
      know of a study of this? Seems to me likely that many of these "children"
      were more likely cousins to one another than what you and I would today
      call "brothers/sisters."

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