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6174Re: Early christian history

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  • Jon Peter
    Apr 5, 1999
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      Jeanie asked:

      > I have a question - was it common around the time of Jesus to name a
      > particular school of thought after it's teacher?

      It depends what you mean. I would say naming was mixed. Rabbinical schools
      (i.e. legal theories) were just getting started in Jesus' day and these
      eventually became known as 'school of Hillel' or of Shamash etc., i.e.,
      founders. Pagan mystery initiates were labeled with the deity name. Early
      Christians said "I am of Paul" or "I am of Apollos." The Jewish religious
      denominations or sects I can think of were never named after a founder.
      Adepts of Greek philosophical schools often had teachers' names
      attached.Groups of all kinds seemed to have nicknames or several forms of

      Could you please list some
      > examples of this? Also could you list the various schools of thought
      > Jesus' divinity (such as adoptionism) with a brief definition and which
      > modern scholars believe the original Apostles to be in? I think it would
      > helpful in clearing up what "Christianity" actually means.

      Ye old debate. Others are better qualified to answer. My own view is that
      Son of God theology came as a revival of old pre-Exilic Hebrew-Canaanite
      beliefs which were expurgated from tanakh but survived in pop religion and
      lore. Few scholars seem to share this approach however.


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