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4857Re: GThomas = Yeshu post-crucifixion

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    Jan 31, 1999
      Joe Baxter:

      ...how many of you out there are familiar with the Seat
      >of Solomon Temple in Kashmir? How many of you know of it's inscription
      >Yeshu from the year 78? How many of you know about the birchbark scripture
      >in the Shardic language dated 115, regarding events from the year 78? How
      >many scholars are aware of the written history of Kashmir? How many know
      >that Kashmir's oldest written histories report that 40 Christian priests
      >attended the Court of the King during the second century C.E.?

      OK, Joe, tell us about them, but please include *evidence* for those dates
      and circumstances.

      BTW, I have been following your non-debate with Ian, and I'd like you to
      know, as much as I disagree with your conclusions, that some of the points
      you raised were legitimate in my view and deserved a better response than
      Ian provided. After all this group's focus is supposed to be the HJ. In
      order to come to any conclusions of what the HJ is likely to have really
      said and done, we do need to understand the development of our texts and
      their ancient context. We also need a clear methodology--a nice exchange on
      that came up in the discussion of Allison's new book. But the purpose of all
      of this is presumably to discover something about the HJ, and not just about
      the way the texts of the NT developed, as interesting as that may be.


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