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2339Re: Mark 8:19-21

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    Sep 8 12:53 AM

      > I'm deeply disappointed that you
      > are so negative towards my Suchi Ur-Eucharist theory. ...
      > And my theory seemed to fit so nicely with your highly intriguing Feeding
      > Basket Size Variation theory (or should it rather be described as the
      > Sammer Basket Case?). Don't be in any hurry to retreat from your Basket
      > Theory, Jan. ...I suppose metrology just doesn't come easy, one must
      > sruggle for it...

      Historical Metrology does seems to unnerve some people. I have studied its
      demise as an academic discipline in the early decades of this century and I
      was incredulous to find that the attacks to which it succumbed were at
      approximately the same degree of rationality as Yuri's. Scholars who had
      devoted their entire lives to the study of ancient units of weight and
      volume and were trained in the presentation and rebuttal of factual
      arguments, were helpless against this tide of unreason.

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