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2141Re: Mark 8:19-21

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  • y.kuchinsky@utoronto.ca
    Sep 1, 1998
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      On Mon, 31 Aug 1998, Mike Grondin wrote:
      > Jan Sammer writes:

      > > ... the volume of 5 spyrides is the same as that of 12 kophinoi ...
      > Although this goes some way toward explaining the riddle, I think that
      > your analysis cannot be the whole of the story. You have left out of
      > account:
      > 1. Why _two_ feedings? Just Markan styling? Or symbols of two missions?
      > 2. What about the fish? (In the 1st feeding, two fish are specified. In
      > the 2nd story, a single brief passage mentions fish, but does not say
      > how many.)
      > To me, the presence of the fish indicates that Mark has a different
      > point in mind than the one you suggest.

      I suspect you're right, Mike.

      > The loaves must represent, as others have speculated, the original male
      > inner circle - the fish, the females of that same inner circle. Of
      > course we are not talking about literal bread here, but about "the Word"
      > that is brought to the multitude by those who have known Yeshu.

      Actually the fish certainly may carry a lot of other special symbolic
      meanings. I would like to extend Jan's theory a little here.

      Indeed much may hinge on these fishes...

      As Jan suggests, the bread was not eaten -- this was the cenrtal point,
      the whole crux of the matter. It was a spiritual bread. But the fish was
      probably eaten. But was it cooked? I don't think so. Why are we not
      hearing about fish being cooked in the Scriptures? A simple oversight?
      But perhaps not?

      How to explain all this? Well, my suggestion will be that Jesus, having of
      course previously gone as far East as Japan on his search of spiritual
      enlightenment, commanded his disciples to make sushi! And there was sushi
      enough to eat for all... Oh, yes, these were the wonderful days of old...

      But it wasn't just any kind of sushi... It was *magic sushi*.

      > When the disciples are on the boat after the second feeding, they are
      > worried that they have _only a single loaf_ with them. The one original
      > disciple who outlived the others to such an extent as to be remarkable
      > elsewhere was John. It seems to me that Mark is concerned to soothe the
      > apprehension among the "flock" brought about by the progressive dying
      > off of the first generation of disciples.

      And this is exactly where the Magic Sushi comes in.

      You see, the one original disciple who "outlived the others" to such an
      extent as to be remarkable was none other than the author of Luke/Acts!

      How do I know it? Because he ate the magic sushi, he was able, having
      already written, according to Jan, the Book of Acts before 60 ad, to
      *Travel Forward In Time* to ca. 120 ad. And having found out what the
      needs of the Church will be in the future, he was able to write, 60 years
      later, the Gospel of Luke, i.e. Volume One of his two-part treatise (using
      in part also the Gospel of John, and the other 2 synoptics in the
      process!). So All the Up-to-date Available Information was thus factored
      in! And the ranks of the Church multiplied, and there was wonder and
      jubilation all around...

      You see, Mike? This is how historical scholarship really may work if you
      get inspired by the extremely intriguing and provocative theories of Jan &

      Best regards in Science,

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