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11884Happy Halloween:

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  • Angelican Marcos
    Oct 31, 2012
      Mod Note: Sometimes, messages slip through the cracks, and unfortunately this is one of them. Our apologies to Angelican for the delay in getting this message on the fansite!


      Happy Halloween Mr. Freeman I� hope you have a safe Halloween this year. Though I know your going to dress up in costumes and probably having fun unlike me as always. But I hope you have a safe and an enjoyable Halloween. (P.S. I would enjoy celebrating Halloween myself but my father said "it's a waste of time and money" and "it's a holiday celebrating the dead". So I stay at home and sulk for the rest of the Halloween day. (Sigh...) oh well in 2 or 4 more years I get to be an adult and make my own decisions. But I'm still a 16 year old teenager and I get to enjoy this day with the family I have left. So have fun, don't get scared by anything, and don't get harmed (if that's possible) oh well... bye (be safe). :)

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