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11883Naruto Shippuden progress and my friendship:

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  • Angelican Marcos
    Oct 28, 2012
      Hello Mr. Freeman sorry to bother but I'm suprised about the Naruto Shippuden progress it seems like the show is becoming shorter by the minute. Well of course the show is like what 15 minutes only adding comercials would make it 30 minutes long. But every episode is developing faster than it should and you really don't  have enough characters left for the show which worries I mean who you'll be voice acting next if Ebisu has died. It's like you won't be included for the next Naruto Shippuden episodes. Naruto was actually the only anime that got me into anime and if it wasn't for my friend Sammantha I wouldn't have known anything about Naruto, Hellsing, or Devils may cry. But she's still my friend i appreciate her in my life and if I didn't know about Hellsing or Naruto I wouldn't have known you and your amazing voice acting mastery website. I thank you for everything as well and you also inspired me and some of my characters. Well farewell Mr. Freeman
      have a nice day. :)

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